What is the SQL SELECT TOP Clause



In this tutorial we know about the SQL SELECT TOP Clause statement, first talking on select top query, must read Introduction to SQL For Beginners and also know what is SQL Syntax. Also know about the SELECT Statement.  We learnt Select, Insert, Update statement till now, now the time to learn DELETE query in SQL database. We can perform all this query on table.

SQL SELECT TOP Clause is used for fetch number of records from database. It is useful large no of table with thousand of records. If we go with all records it may hit performance, so we us SELECT TOP for getting selected thousand of records.

SQL SELECT DISTINCT statement used for fetch different records. Select statement is also used with where clause and order by statement for conditional and sort the data result set. SQL stands for Structure query language in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). SQL Syntax is the format in which data save, update, insert with the SQL commands.

SQL SELECT TOP Clause Syntax:

SELECT TOP number * 
FROM table_name
WHERE condition;

In this syntax using select top query for getting records from database. Here number used for fetch how many records you want. Data always depend on the type of column we used in our table structure.  Also use WHERE condition for particular records.

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