Realme 10 Series Smartphone Features

Realme 10 Series Smartphone Features

Realme is going to launch another tremendous 5G smartphone to give direct competition to the iPhone . You know that Realme 10 Pro Plus is launching in the market soon if you also want to buy Realme 10 Series ‘s tremendous smartphone. Inside which you can get to see tremendous features along with 108MP camera, which let’s know about the best features of these Realme 10 Series mobiles and how much money you will have to pay to buy it, and in this you will also get from iPhone More features will be seen, we will also tell you about that here.

Realme 10 Series Smartphone Features

Realme 10 Series : More than one smartphone is launched in the mobile market, but these tremendous features have been inserted inside Realme 10 Pro , first of all talk about 5G, then inside this mobile you get 5G support.

On the other hand, if we talk about the display size of this mobile, then inside it you get to see a big powerful Full HD Super AMOLED display of 6.6 inches.

Talking about the camera quality of the mobile, inside it you get to see the setup of 3 cameras, whose main camera is 108MP megapixels, after that the second camera has been installed with 8MP megapixels and the third camera has been installed with 2 megapixels. Talking about the selfie camera, a powerful camera has been given inside it to take a 16-megapixel selfie and with this you can also do video calling in HD quality with this friend camera.

Realme 10 Series other amazing features

Let us tell you that this Realme 10 Pro is going to prove to be the best for the people playing the game, as well as multitasking and graphics work in the office, if we talk about the RAM of the mobile, then this mobile will give you three variants. First 8GB RAM + 128GB internal storage, second 8GB RAM + 256GB internal storage and third, 12GB RAM + 256GB internal storage will be available to see this mobile.

Realme 10 Pro mobile price

You can directly compete this mobile with the iPhone, so you can see the price of this mobile in less than half of the iPhone mobile. You can easily buy this mobile at a starting price of 22000, along with this, if you buy it from the e-commerce platform, then you are also given some discount on it, so you can directly see that its price It is also half of the iPhone and you will get to see more features than the iPhone.

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