Valentine’s Week starts from Rose Day

Valentine’s Week starts from Rose Day, know what is special in these 7 days till Valentine’s Day

Rose Day: Valentine’s Week begins with Rose Day. On this day, you can express your love by giving a rose to your partner.

Valentine’s week 2023:

The weather of February is pleasant and refreshing. This month is special for the love birds. Valentine’s Day falls in this month. Valentines Week is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February. Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week. From February 7 to February 14, every day is special for the love birds.

The youth eagerly wait for Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Day is very special for couples. Couples celebrate this whole week in a very special way. To express love, every day of this week is celebrated by the youth as a special day. They give gifts to each other and express their love. Married couples also celebrate this day. Let us know why Valentine’s Day is celebrated and what is special about the 7 days of this week.

Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated: (Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated)

King Claudius Gothicus II was against the marriage and also banned the marriage of soldiers. According to the thinking of the king, the soldiers become weak after getting married, so he was against the marriage. Saint Valentine also lived in the same kingdom who opposed the king’s rule and incited the soldiers to marry.

What is special in these 7 days of Valentine Week: (Valentine Week)

Rose Day is celebrated on 7 February: (Rose Day)

Valentine’s week begins with Rose Day. On Rose Day, lovers express their love by giving each other roses. On this day couples exchange red roses which means that the person giving the rose is in love with you. If you also love someone, then express your love by giving him a red rose.

February 8 is also known as Propose Day.

Propose Day as the name suggests, on this day couples express their love to their partner. Add throughout the year wait for this day to establish a loving relationship with your lover. If you also love someone from your heart, then on Propose Day, express your heart’s words.

Celebrate Chocolate Day on February 9: (Chocolate Day)

On February 9, lovers try to persuade their partner by giving chocolate to their partner. The sweetness of chocolate adds sweetness to your relationships.

February 10 is known as Teddy Day: (Teddy Day)

On February 10, lovers express their love by giving red colored teddy to each other.

Promise Day is celebrated on 11 February: (Promise Day)

Promise Day is a day when loving couples talk about supporting each other till death. On this day, couples will always support each other in happiness and sorrow.

Youth celebrate Hug Day on 12 February: (Hug Day)

The sixth day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Hug Day. On this day couples come close to each other and express love by hugging.

February 13 is Kiss Day: (Kiss Day)

On the 7th day of Valentine, lovers kiss each other and strengthen their relationship. The youth believe that kissing on Kiss Day strengthens the relationship.

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

The eighth day of Valentine’s Week is known as Valentine’s Day on 14 February. Couples celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Give gifts to each other and spend time together.

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