Know What is SQL Syntax


In this tutorial we know about SQL Syntax, First talking about the this article you must read Introduction to SQL For Beginners. SQL stands for Structure query language in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

What is SQL Syntax?

SQL Syntax is the format in which data save, update, insert with the SQL commands. A database contain table objects, there are many tables or one table in the database. Tables contains data in the form of records in the format of rows and also contains fields called columns.

Data from the tables or database retrieve by some SQL commands, which are given following below:

SELECT: For Data get from database
INSERT: Insert data in Database or tables.
DELETE: Command for delete data from database.
CREATE DATABASE: For Create new Database.
ALTER DATABASE: For modify database.
CREATE TABLE: For create new table in database.
ALTER TABLE: For modify the created tables.
DROP Table: For delete tables from database.

For more details must go through the SQL commands and practice by queries execution in SQL server.

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