SQL Introduction For Beginners

Introduction to SQL For Beginners

In this tutorial, we know about SQL, SQL stands for Structure query language. this is query language which is used for sorting and managing the data in relational DBMS (RDBMS).

American National Standards Institute in 1986
International Organisation of Standardization in 1987.

SQL is the first commercial language introduced for relational model of database(RDBMS). Nowadays, RDBMS like MySQL, Oracle, informix, Sybase, MS Access use Structured Query Language in database. This query language perform all types of data operation in database management system.

As you know, SQL can retrive the data from the database and also insert update and delete the records from database. Perform create new tables, database, stored procedures and many other operations. Which must need to relational database management system.

Types of structured query language( SQL):

DQL ( Data Query Language)
DDL ( Data Definition Language)
DCL ( Data Control Language)
DML ( Data Manipulation Language)

What is Database?

Now we are talking about database, Database is set of records in an organised manner. For example we have a records of many students, We have data related to students and we try to save it meaningfull state in database. We have object in database like tables, fields and records.

We create a table named student and fields regarding student information. so student information is called student database. We can retrieve data, insert, update and delete the records of students.

Types of Database:

Relational Database
Non-Relational Database

Non-Relational Database is not collection of table or store data in the form of tables. Data is stored in the form of keys and values. JSON and XML is the example of non relational database.

Relational database is organise the data in the form of table and records. Table contains rows and columns in the form of entities. we can use this data with MS SQL server.

What is RDBMS?

RDBMS stands for relational database management system. This is based upon the SQL means structured query language for example MS SQL server, Oracle, mySQL and Microsoft Access. RDBMS is collect the database in tables. Tables means a collection of data entries in the form of rows and columns.

For example:

Select * from table_name;

In this example, table_name is considered name of the table in database, all records of table are fetch from this SQL query.

Table object in RDBMS is divided into smaller entities called fields. Fields of the table on the basis of requirement or according to table column name. Fields is also called column name and record is also called rows.

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