What is SQL Select Statement


In this tutorial we know about the SQL Select Statement, First talking about SQL Select Statement article you must read Introduction to SQL For Beginners and also know what is SQL Syntax. SQL stands for Structure query language in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). SQL Syntax is the format in which data save, update, insert with the SQL commands.

What is SQL Select Statement?

SQL Select Statement mostly used for select or retrieve data from database. A database contain table objects, there are many tables or one table in the database. Select statement is used on tables for getting records which are saved and stored in result set. Tables contains data in the form of records in the format of rows and also contains fields called columns.

SELECT Syntax:

SELECT column1, column2,
FROM table_name;

In this select syntax column1, column2 are the name of fields of the table named table_name. Fields name is which records you want to get from table. SQL statement is also used for retrieve all records of the table. All records retrieve is given below:

SELECT * FROM table_name

For Example:

SELECT Name, Address FROM Employee – For fetch some selected records which are you want from the table.

SELECT * FROM Employee – For fetch all records from the table.

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