Rishi Sunak becomes Britain’s new finance minister

Currently Sajid Javid of Pakistan origin was the Finance Minister of Britain. Following his resignation, Boris Johnson has chosen Rishi Sunak as his new finance minister.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Indian-origin politician Rishi Sunak as the new finance minister on Thursday. Sunak is the son-in-law of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy. He is the second largest Indian-origin minister in the Johnson cabinet. Priti Patel of Indian origin is currently the UK Home Minister.

Before to this, Sajid Javid, of Pakistani origin, held the finance ministry. The Conservative Party under Johnson’s leadership came back to power again in the General Elections held in December and the Prime Minister has made a major reshuffle in his cabinet this time.

Rishi Sunak, he was not even an MP five years ago. Before joining politics, he was working as a banker at Goldman Sash. Boris Johnson wanted a finance minister in his cabinet who would spend extensively in the infrastructure, police, health and education sectors for the world’s fifth-largest economy and bring changes.

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