Razia Sultan History

Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan – Whenever Delhi Sultanate is mentioned in the pages of history, only the names of male sultans like Akbar, Humayun, Sher Shah Suri are taken in it. There was a woman Sultan, who during her rule, fully described her ability. This is the name of Razia Sultan!

With his skill and mind, how Razia became the first Muslim woman Sultan… This is a very interesting story.

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Razia Sultan History:

After Iltutmish’s death, Razia became the new Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate. But it was not easy for her. The main reason behind her becoming Sultan was that Iltutmish considered all his sons unworthy of Sihassan and Razia was fulfilling all the criteria of a worthy successor to the throne. So she declared Razia as his successor. But soon after Iltutmish’s death, the Chahalgani members disagreed with Iltutmish’s decision and opposed Razia’s sultan. As part of their protest process, members of Chahalgani made Iltutmish’s son Ruknuddin Firoz as the next ruler.

Ruknuddin Firoz was completely incompetent and indulged himself in erotic acts. In this way all the administrative functions of the state started to get hampered and eventually he was assassinated after 7 months of rule.

Razia Sultan Ruler :

After his death, Razia was made the ruler in 1236 AD. Razia worked in the government till 1240 AD for about three and a half years. Although the ruler had all the qualities of a ruler, but the Chahalgani members (group of forty Turks) did not approve of his control. Chahalgani members started hating Razia when he appointed a man named Yakut as the superintendent of his stables. Yakut was an Abyssinian Afghan, due to which the tradition of Turk-Afghani Irishya started in the Delhi Sultanate.

The rebel chiefs of Razia were supported by Malik Altunia, who was the governor of Bathinda. Soon a war ensued between the two rival groups in which Yakut was killed and Razia was taken prisoner.

Razia Sultan Marriage:

Razia Sultan married Altunia and the two jointly tried to take back the Sultanate while the Sultanate was at that time ruled by Razia’s brother Muizuddin Bahram Shah. During the invasion of the Sultanate, both of them were defeated by the Sultanate’s army and were forced to flee from Delhi. It is noteworthy that during the exodus, both were caught by a group near Kaithal and they were killed.

It is said that soon after coming to the throne, She started changing the old customs. She did not like to live on screen like the rest of the Muslim women, instead she came in front of the world dressed like a sultan… like men used to wear at that time.

Razia faced a lot of criticism for his move. It is not only believed that he also changed his name. It is said that women were called sultanas at that time but Razia changed it and said that they too should be called ‘Sultan’ like men.

It is believed that Razia changed the coins running in the empire as soon as she came and inscribed her identity on them. It is said that Razia proved to be a good ruler. In every way, he worked to advance the Sultanate.

According to the information, Razia had no match even in the war. She used to fight as if only a male Sultan was fighting. Razia established her rule in many places.


Altunia was a childhood friend of Razia Sultan. It is said that Altunia had imprisoned her but she was given all royal facilities. It is also said that the two later fell in love and married.

Razia tried to take control of his kingdom by reuniting with Altunia, but he lost and had to flee from Delhi. While fleeing from there, he was robbed and Razia was killed in Delhi on 14 October 1240.

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