DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error: Today we give the solution of how to fix DNS probe finished no internet error. This error is very common when we are working on internet. We see when our internet connection is working fine but it gives error DNS probe finished no internet or you can’t able to reload browser.

 Two Type Error:

  • Site can’t be reached.
  • This webpage is not available.

What is DNS:

DNS is called Domain Name System which is mainly work to translates your IP address to Domain Name related to your website or other browsing addresses. Mainly we are working on IP address. Your website or blog URL name also a IP address. There are many websites , blogs, search engine all are working on Domain Name System or we can say IP Address. So remember lots of IP address is not possible for users the a unique Domain Name assign to each IP. This process is called Domain Name system or DNS.

Why DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error Occurs:

DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error occurs when your DNS configuration is not correct. As we discuss earlier, DNS is the process which convert IP address to people readable or identification names. For example we all know best search engine google which provide us many useful information. So we can say Google.com is a name and there is a IP address on its open for us.

Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error:

In this Article, I will tell you basic ways to fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error. You Can Check solution or ideas which is given following below:

Replace your default DNS server:

Mainly our computer working on Default DNS, so sometimes is not working instead our internet is working fine. So we need to Change DNS default to third party DNS like Google’s DNS or OpenDNS. You can Change your computer device DNS configuration, then smoothly you solved the DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Error.


Google DNS server address:

  • Preferred DNS server :
  • Alternate DNS server :

Remove Cache, Cookies and History Files:

You can fix this problem by clean up cache, cookies and history of your browser but before clean up you must check this problem on others web browser if there is no error then you can remove your browser cache and cookies files. For clean up files go to the browser setting option and click on history. Here you can clean up your browser files.

Restart Your DNS Client:


For restart your DNS Client, you can go with command prompt by find services.msc and press on enter on you computer device. After that a dialog box open on your computer screen, find DNS client and press right click on it and restart. So, Now try to reload your browser, I hope its working fine and solved the DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Error.

Uninstall the Apps:

Next step is to uninstall apps which are used for filtering the websites. These apps mostly used to block some websites or IP address. You can set to temporary disble these apps and check your problem is resolved or not.

So I hope these ways are helpful for you for fixing DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Error. You Can give your feedback and suggestion by comment in this article. Thanks

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