No fees levied on withdrawing money from ATM

No fees levied on withdrawing money from ATM

The government has given relief to people amid the corona virus epidemic. Now any number of times withdrawals from other bank ATMs will not be charged and account holders are also exempted from maintaining minimum amount in their accounts.

Announcing these measures, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that these waivers will continue till June 30. All banks, including private sector banks, will be exempt from the charges of keeping the minimum amount in the account for the next three months and withdrawing money from ATMs by customers of other banks.

No charge for withdrawing money from debit card for the next three months.

This discount is currently for three months. In the coming time, we will consider the situation and decide accordingly. ”The Finance Minister has also announced a reduction in bank fees for all trade finance customers on digital business dealings. This step has been taken to promote digital payments.

Due to CoronaVirus,  lockdown is going on throughout the country. The government is taking many steps to deal with it. People are in their own homes. The government is making every effort to meet their financial needs. In such a situation, the government has passed a law that for the next three months there will be no charge on withdrawing money from any bank’s ATM debit card to any other bank’s ATM.

The government has taken this step keeping in mind the convenience of the people. The government’s intention is that people do not have to go far away from their homes to withdraw cash and can withdraw money from the available ATMs nearby.

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