Coronavirus: What happens to lockdown, which services will remain closed

What happens to lockdown?

Coronavirus cases are increasing in India. In India, 6 people have died due to Corona virus. Four cities of Maharashtra have been locked down in view of the rising infection of Corona virus. At the same time, Punjab and Rajasthan government have also announced the lockdown till 31 March.

Metro, Rail Service has been closed till 31 March. Interstate bus service has also been closed till 31 March. At the same time, 75 cities have been advised to lockdown.

What is this lockdown?

Which city services will remain open during lockdown?

Which services will be discontinued?

What will be the guidelines for people?

The number of patients with Corona virus is increasing continuously across the country. The highest number of cases are reported in Maharashtra, serial number of this corona virus has been spread in many states including Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan. The Maharashtra government has locked down 14 cities. Lockdown has been announced in Punjab and Rajasthan. Lockdown has been advised in 75 districts across the country.

Services will remain closed:

All shops and offices will remain closed till 31 March, except for the shops and services required during the lockdown. Metro service, rail service, bus service will all be closed. People are allowed to buy ration only from their homes, flats, ration shops near the society. At one time only one person from the family came out of the house and bought the necessary items, so that it would help to prevent the spread of infection. Malls, hotels, schools, offices, colleges will all be closed during the lockdown.

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