Step by Step How to Set up Custom Domain on Blogger

Step by Step How to Set up Custom Domain on Blogger

 How to Set up Custom Domain on Blogger
Step by Step How to Set up Custom Domain on Blogger

First of all we need to purchase a domain from any domain selling website. This post is given to you information about how to setup custom domain on the blogger.  Blogger is a powerful Google product Which gives you do blogging power about your thoughts and your skills given to the information to others.

Now a days most of people careers in blogging because there is a lot of scope in blogging share their thoughts and ideas from the internet.  Below given the step by step information about the custom domain setup on the blogger. Follow these steps for setup custom domain on blogger.

Now we start our topic how to setup custom domain on blogger.

Purchase your domain which related to your website.First step is to purchase a custom domain from any website which is selling domain after completing the payment step you to login your domain manager account.

After login your account  find the DNS manager. You make the changes your C name records and A records.

Also login your blog-spot account and go to the setting which is left side right bar click on setting option and after that click on setup third party domain.  enter your domain name which is purchase by you.

After clicking this save you find the two records of C name  and change it to your DNS manager.

After changing the records you must wait 24 hours for updating the C names and other records. When the C name records are updated then you click on save and third party domain setup on your blogger you can see your blog is change to to your domain name.

Also tick mark on the redirect setting, this is redirect your blog spot URL to your custom domain. You can also use HTTPS setting from your blogger account.

Now continue blogging with your domain name. Also comment your views regarding the article and suggest me for better improvement in article. Keep Support and Sharing.

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