Now Music of Smartphone able to Control from Computers

Music of Smartphone able to Control from Computers

If you want to control your smartphone with a music computer, you will not have to wait long and the new feature of Microsoft will help you without the help of any trick or app. Microsoft is testing this feature in Windows 10 and very soon it can be rolled out to users and many apps will support it.

You will also be able to control the music and volume of the smartphone while using your personal computer. A new feature is being tested by Microsoft, with the help of this, Android users will get the option to control the music of the smartphone from the computer itself. Right now this feature is being found in ‘Your Phone App’ on the latest window build.

Your Phone App has been developed for Windows 10 by Microsoft and with the help of this Android devices can be directly connected to PC. With this app, not only music control will be available, but the call logs and photos in the smartphone can also be accessed in the computer. The blog post from the company stated that the music playing in the smartphone can be played, paused and switched from PC. In this way, the controls will be available to the user without touching the device.

These devices are the new feature

Users will not get this feature in all computer systems. Microsoft has been told that the new feature will be available to the same users who are working on Windows 10 and which have been updated after October 10, 2018. Apart from this, Android version 7 and later Android devices will get support of the new feature. Microsoft has been testing this app for quite some time and has brought many new features on it. Very soon they will be rolled out for all users.

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