How To Check Backlinks of Website

How To Check Backlinks of Website

In this article (How To Check Backlinks of Website) we’re gonna check out what kind of backlinks are coming to your website with a specific focus on backlinks from places where you don’t want backlinks from and if you’re not familiar with what backlinks are good for SEO. When your website gets a backlink from another website in Google’s eyes that counts as a yes vote for your website so the more backlinks you have the more yes votes.

You have the more Google believes that your site is reputable. However, not all backlinks are created equal there are very good backlinks and there are bad backlinks and they’re very bad backlinks.

Try to stay on the good side of that scale and away from the bad side. You want to make sure of is that you’re getting backlinks from websites that focus on your market and on your topic so if you have a car website you don’t want backlinks from a flower website because Google will be confused.

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Why we check our backlinks:

Go to check backlinks one is called open site Explorer and they’re gonna have similar backlink profiles when you search for your domain. Majestic SEO has paid plans but for majestic SEO you can create a free account and you get access to more things than you would if you don’t create an account so I recommend for majestic that you create a free account. You can make a free account and you get a lot more information so I paste it in my URL without the HTTP in front because there’s going to be some links that it finds that have HTTP in front if you have an SSL certificate they’re gonna find links with HTTPS. They’re gonna find links with WWW or without WWW you just want to make sure that you don’t have any subdomains or the HTTP so you can find as many of the links as possible.

So you enter your domain name you click to search and logged in to the free account that I have for this little demo so this will be more information than you’ll see for yours if you don’t log in with a free account so here it shows how many external backlinks we have how many different domains those backlinks come from the more domains.

For the full amount of backlinks you have to get the paid plan but you can get quite a few just with the free plan. Verify your website meaning if you put a little HTML snippet on your website to prove it’s yours you can get even more information.

Google disavow tool:

Google disavow tool you have to be signed in to your Google account and it’ll have to be your web so have to be verified in Google Webmaster Tools as well but if you go to the Google disavow tool you pick your website from this first drop-down that you see they click on disavow links and it gives you a bunch of warnings it says this feature should be used with caution if used incorrectly this feature can potentially harm your site’s performance in Google search results what this tool does is if you put a link in here it basically discounts that links effect on your website so if you put a bad link in here from an unrelated website Google will ignore that linking power and that’s a good thing if it’s a bad link the reason to give you this warning is you can also by mistake enter good links and that can dramatically affect your search engine ranking depending on how good that link was that you just deleted or
disallowed and the reason they have this feature in the first place is there something called negative SEO and that is when either your competitor or someone who just doesn’t like you sends thousands or tens of thousands of backlinks to your website using paid services.

Thousands of really crappy bad links and that will harm your Google ranking because Google thinks you’re trying to manipulate the search results by getting fake backlinks.

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